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'Big Brother': Helen Wood Shows Her Soft Side After Emotional Nominations Day In The House (PICS)

Big Brother’ star Helen Wood has become one of the most unpopular contestants in ‘BB’ history due to her potty mouth and fiery arguments, but on Tuesday night, viewers saw Helen's softer sider.

No, we could barely believe our eyes either.

First , Helen proved she does have a heart when she was moved to tears by Chris Wright’s emotional plea to the girls to save him from eviction.


Helen is moved to tears

Chris revealed that being in the ‘Big Brother’ house has saved him at the end of a difficult year, admitting that some days he struggled just getting out of bed.

After his speech, Helen had a private chat in the garden with Chris, telling him that if ever he wanted to talk she would be there for him, adding: “I’m a good listener.”

Admittedly she’s yet to display her ‘good listening’ skills in the house - though she has proved to be prolific in talking over everyone and shouting at people - but we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, it was still a nice thing to say to someone in private. With all those cameras on her.

Later, she had another emotional moment in the garden when she was unable to save her close friend Ash Harrison from eviction.

Of the five girls deciding who would face the public vote this week, Helen was the only one who wanted save Ash, telling the others: “It’s not f***ing rocket science is it? I’m out numbered.”

As Ash spoke to her in the garden about his eviction fears, Helen was moved to tears, telling him she felt guilty about not being able to save him from eviction.

ash helen

Ash comforts Helen in the garden

Ash is now one of five of the male housemates who could potentially be leaving the house on Friday, and is widely considered by the rest of the house as the contestant most likely to leave as he was booed by the crowds outside during last week’s live show.

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