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British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton Counting On Talent For F1 Title

Lewis Hamilton is confident his talent alone can carry him to this year's Formula One world title.

Hamilton heads into a race he singled out earlier this season as one of the two he was desperate to win.

lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton needs a strong British GP result to keep the pressure on his team-mate

After missing out on Monaco in contentious circumstances to Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, the priority for Hamilton is to now take the chequered flag at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

With Hamilton staring at a 29-point deficit to Rosberg, he knows he cannot afford for that gap to grow any larger heading into his home event where a crowd of 125,000 is expected on Sunday.

Two retirements this campaign have proved expensive for Hamilton, in contrast to Rosberg who has not been out of the top two in the eight races to date.

Hamilton, though, has no intention of relying on any misfortune to Rosberg to aid his cause.

Asked of Hamilton whether he was a believer in situations balancing themselves out and that Rosberg was due a couple of retirements, he replied: "I'm not convinced that's the case.

"That would mean in the next 11 races Nico would need to have two he does not finish, and I do not think that is going to happen.

"I cannot rely on that, I just have to focus on doing better than him, which I am capable of. The edge I have is in my ability. That is the gift I have and I have to utilise it this year more than ever."


Hamilton has no doubt he is quicker than Rosberg, although has been forced to settle for second best in two of the last three races he has finished, with Canada an exception given his retirement.

In Monaco, Hamilton was on course for pole when yellow flags caused by on off-track excursion from Rosberg forced him to back off, sparking that weekend's controversy between the two.

In Austria 10 days ago, Hamilton was twice on course for pole again, only to make mistakes that saw him start ninth to Rosberg's third.

"I'm happy I managed to recover that weekend. I earned my money, so that was good," said Hamilton, who was runner-up behind Rosberg.

"I know I'm 29 points down now, but even though I've not finished as many races as I would like and I lost another seven points to Nico in Austria, there's still a long way to go.

"I had a lot of pace in Austria, and although I didn't capitalise on it, I'll take it into the British Grand Prix and make sure I do.

"I'm excited about our pace. I'm going to Silverstone with the best package I've ever had, so I'm thrilled about that.

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"I just have to execute that pace over a weekend, so I will work hard to make sure I do that."

It could be argued Hamilton is due at least some luck bearing in mind what occurred in last year's grand prix.

After qualifying on pole by half a second, Hamilton comfortably led the race, only to become the first of five victims of Pirelli tyre blowouts, ultimately finishing fourth.

It means Hamilton goes into this weekend still with only one British GP win to his name, that back in 2008.

Despite that, Hamilton said: "Last year was my best chance of another win and I should have won that one. I have definitely had my fair share of bad luck, that's for sure, so hopefully moving forwards positive things will happen.

lewis hamilton silverstone 2008

Hamilton's only British GP victory came in his championship-winning season of 2008

"At least in going to the British Grand Prix - for any athlete going into an event in their home country - performing for the fans and the support you have is significantly more than any other place you go.

"It's just the most incredible feeling, particularly with the difference you can make to those individuals' weekends.

"When I won the race in 2008, I had so many messages of support. Even today people tell me their dream came true that weekend.

"That's a real positive. Lots of positives come from these events so I'm excited to be going back there this weekend."