iPhone 6 Features: Curved Display, Faster Processor And Thinner Design


Even though the iPhone 6 is still months away from launch, potential specs for the device have been detailed in a new series of tweets, which may reveal the device’s processor speed, display details and thickness.

Sonny Dickson, who has offered pre-release details in the past, said on Twitter that the iPhone 6 will be just 0.22 inches thick, and that it will pack an Ultra-Retina screen with a pixel density of 389 pixels per inch.

We've covered the specs themselves here - but this video neatly summarises everything else we know about the iPhone 6 so far. Read the highlights below:

Release Date?

The iPhone 6 will almost certainly be announced at an Apple event in September 2014, however there have been some reports that it could be launched as early as August marking a massive change for Apple's usually stringent release shcedule.


The iPhone 6 will run iOS 8; the latest version of Apple's operating system which was unveiled just a few weeks ago at WWDC 2014.

With improved notifications which let you reply from within any app, and a new focus on health thanks to the 'Health' app Apple's next iPhone will be a fully-fledged lifestyle device that will connect with your fitness trackers and smart home devices.


Other than an A8 chip - the next evolution of Apple's own customised processors - and associated performance bumps, we don't know any specifics.

The camera will likely receive a bump from 8 megapixels up to around 13 megapixels, but again the focus will be on quality and not sheer megapixel jumps.

We could also see a move to 128GB storage space on the highest-end phones, though that again is just speculation at this stage.

Screen size?

This is one of the big questions. It's thought that the main iPhone will move to a curved 4.7-inch display. Some sources suggest the screen could be powered by a giant Retina+ IGZO display with a 1080P, full-HD resolution. It has also been reported that a larger 'phablet' style device with a 5.5-5.7-inch screen could be on the way.

We'll also be hearing the word "sapphire" more - either as the material out of which the entire display will be built, or as the basis for more features like the iPhone 5S' fingerprint scanner.

On a related note it is also possible the iPhone 6 will be water and dust resistant like the Samsung Galaxy S5 - though again that's just conjecture.

Wireless charging?

Some sources suggest the iPhone 6 could finally have built-in wireless charging, though that feature hasn't exactly set the world alight when built into Nokia or Nexus handsets.

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