Russell Brand Tells Gay Marriage Opponent: 'Don't Equate Homosexuality With Bestiality'

Russell Brand Owns Gay Marriage Opponent: 'Don't Equate Homosexuality With Bestiality'

Russell Brand has taken down an opponent of gay marriage for casually comparing homosexuality and bestiality.

In his latest video giving his views on life, the universe and the meaning life, Brand questions social conservative Dr Ben Carson, a columnist and author, on whether gay marriage is really as important an issue as he seems to think.

Like his earlier video reacting to the Rolf Harris verdict, Brand appears in what looks like his living room and intercuts clips of Carson speaking with his own reactions.

When Carson says "no one" can change the definition of marriage, "be they gays, be they people who believe in bestiality, it doesn't matter who they are", Brand says: "Don't casually equate homosexuality and bestiality.

"It would seem Doc - he's a doctor after all - don't equate something inherently morally objectionable, like having sex with animals, with homosexuality and put them in the same category."

Brand laid in to Dr Ben Carlson for his comments about gay marriage

Carson describes marriage between a man and a woman as "a fundamental pillar of our society".

Brand thinks the doctor has become too attached to a metaphor, saying: "How can you get attached to the fundamental definition of a pillar of society?

"You know it's only a metaphor? Those pillars aren't really there."

Dr Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, has already been in hot water over his comments that equated homosexuality with bestiality.

After the interview it was originally broadcast, students at Johns Hopkins University petitioned to have him replaced as a commencement speaker.

In one of the clips Brand watches, gay marriage and abortion are described as "the most contentious issues" in the USA today.

Here again, Brand finds fault, saying there are no consequences to simply "not worrying" about either of these things.

He said: "Don't worry about gay marriage or abortions. It wouldn't be like 'oh well done, since that, everyone's been aborted and there's no people left. Everyone's got gay marriage now'.

When Carson begins a sentence "my thought are.." Brand mockingly says: "'Thoughts.' That's the key word there. Thoughts."


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