03/07/2014 09:43 BST | Updated 03/07/2014 13:59 BST

Katie Hopkins Shares Photo Of 'ISIS' Cake During Ramadan, Causes Uproar With Anti-Islam Tweets

By now, we’re all used to Katie Hopkins ranting about celebrities including Lily Allen, Susanna Reid and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name but three, but this time she’s taken things up about ten notches and it’s the entire Muslim faith feeling the brunt of her bile.

As followers of Islam began fasting for Ramadan at the end of last month, Katie - who has never been shy about bashing organised religion in the past - immediately began criticising the religious observation on her Twitter page.

Clearly believing that starring in ‘The Apprentice’ - she didn’t even win... - and making occasional appearances on ‘This Morning’ makes her qualified to pass judgment on global, sensitive issues, she wrote:

Warming to her theme, Katie has spent the past few days inserting her unwanted oar and passing judgment on the topic, including posting several offensive pictures of cakes to try and “tempt” those choosing to fast.

First off, she shared this image of a cake shaped like a pink rifle, clearly hoping to hear cries of “ooh we’re thinking it but she’s saying it” but actually just coming across like an ill-informed bratty teenager, despite being in her forties:

However, things really took a turn for the distasteful on Wednesday, when she posted yet another nauseating photo of an offensive cake, this time showing off the word ISIS - an extremist Islam terrorist group - piped on it:

Needless to say, her tweets have caused an uproar online with the reaction to her tweets ranging from frustration to anger, as you can see:

However she clearly doesn’t mind the inevitable furor surrounding her tweets, thanking her “fans” for their support on Twitter and adding: “Sometimes it takes a woman to man up and tell it like it is.”

Katie claims that her anti-Islamic tweets stem from the fact that she believes the religion is “homophobic”, which would be all well and good if she hadn’t slammed Tom Daley’s coming out video as “lame” because according to Katie we could all tell he was gay anyway.

She followed this, saying she hoped her own son was gay so that he could take her shopping, do her hair and she could basically parade him around like some class of show-dog. Perhaps before she goes about masquerading the exploitation of her fourteenth minute of fame as activism, she should stop perpetrating stereotypes of gay people. Just a thought.

In future, Katie, we advise you stick to tweeting about what you know, ie. upsetting feminists, and writing rude things about celebrities who've gained weight.