Tom Cruise Turns 52: Celebrate With 52 Of His Most Celebrated Quotes, From Film And Real Life - Can You Tell The Difference?

Today marks Tom Cruise's 52nd birthday - yes, really! - and there's no better way to celebrate than by taking a look back at his prolific career in the film industry.

Ever since I offered a 24-year-old Australian a cup of tea, and he answered 'Negative, Ghost Rider,' it has become apparent that Tom Cruise and his quotes have an enduring power to capture and fascinate the masses (bearing in mind this was approximately two decades after 'Top Gun' came out).

Tom Cruise as Maverick, inspiring the masses, including the Aussies, apparently

Over the years, Tom has inspired, shocked and wowed us on many occasions - both on and off screen. With the help of ExtraTV.com and brainyquote.com , we've gathered 52 of the most memorable, bizarre, controversial and inspiring quotes to come out of his mouth, either in character, or in his most lastingly enigmatic persona, himself.

Taken together, they add up to quite a thoughtful three decades as a figure in public life... what's the most memorable quote out of this lot, do you think? Let us know...