07/07/2014 05:13 BST | Updated 07/07/2014 05:59 BST

Aliens Spotted Over Norway? No, Just A Secret CIA Spy Plane

During the '50s Norway was plagued with a spate of inexplicable UFO sightings that left civilians and the wider UFO community baffled.

Well the mystery is over as the CIA has incredibly revealed via Twitter that it was actually them; flying top secret spy missions over the Soviet Union.

What Norwegians were looking at were U-2 spy planes, top secret aircraft that could fly at enormously high altitudes allowing it to avoid detection from Soviet radar.

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Able to reach altitudes of 70,000 feet the U-2 planes were kept in service for over 50 years.

u2 plane

Due to the top secret nature of the U-2 program most of the aeronautical community weren't aware that planes could fly as high so many of the sightings we left as simply unexplained or as UFO sightings.

Despite being one of the most top secret operations undertaken by the US military, the U-2 program was thrust into the limelight when U-2 pilot Gary Powers was shot down in 1960 over the then Soviet Union.

Powers was captured and sentenced to three years in prison for spying but by 1962 he was a free man thanks to a prisoner exchange between the US and the Soviet Union.