Solange Knowles Talks Jay Z/Beyoncé 'Elevator Attack' Video In New Interview (VIDEO)

WATCH: Solange Breaks Silence On Jay Z Lift Attack

Solange Knowles has spoken for the first time about a video which surfaced online earlier this year, showing her in an altercation with her sister Beyoncé’s husband Jay Z.

In the leaked CCTV footage, which took place after the Met Ball back in May, Solange is seen getting into a lift with Beyoncé and Jay Z, before she suddenly becomes angry and starts hitting and kicking the rapper, as his security guards try and restrain her.

Solange Knowles

With the the Knowles/Carter trio remaining tight-lipped about the whole thing, speculation around the video began to spread like wildfire, prompting them to release a joint statement, which claimed they’d moved on from the incident and asked that everyone else do the same, without actually explaining what it was that had made Solange suddenly attack Jay Z.

Solange has now addressed the incident herself, in a new interview with Lucky magazine, where she reveals that she and her family have put the incident behind them and are now on good terms after what she refers to only as "that thing".

Jay Z and Beyoncé at the Met Ball

She says: “What’s important is that my family and I are all good. What we had to say collectively was in the statement that we put out, and we all feel at peace with that.”

Well, we’re pleased to hear that the Knowles/Carter families have built their bridges, but what we’d like to hear even more was what sparked it all in the first place. Perhaps we shouldn’t hold our collective breath on that one, though...

Beyonce And Solange

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