11/07/2014 05:15 BST | Updated 11/07/2014 05:59 BST

Ian Watkins' Former Lostprophets Bandmates Reveal Singer Insisted He Was Innocent

Ian Watkins’ former Lostprophets bandmates have opened up about their disgraced singer, who pleaded guilty to a number of child sex offences, including two counts of attempting to rape a baby, in 2013.

His former bandmates Lee Gaze and Stuart Richardson have revealed their shock and disgust, adding that during their conversations ahead of his trial, Ian insisted his was innocent.


Lostprophets in 2010

On the day Ian’s trial was due to start, he changed his plea to a guilty one, however just weeks before, the singer was insistent that he had not committed any crimes.

Speaking to the Guardian, Stuart explained: "Ian had sent a letter to Mike [Lewis, the band’s guitarist] at his gran's funeral, protesting his innocence.

"It was typical – 'Oh, I'm sorry about your gran' – and then the rest of the letter was me-me-me.

“But as much as the evidence was getting larger and larger, we still hoped that it was some misunderstanding."


"I can't believe the things Ian's capable of,” he continues. “Up until the final second he said he was innocent.

“He destroyed his family's life, giving them a glimpse of hope every time he said he was innocent. His mum thought he was innocent. What a fucking c***."

"A day before the charges went public, we heard he'd been arrested and immediately we knew the band was over.

"The next morning, we started reading tweets about what he tried to do. And we couldn't believe it."

ian watkins

Ian Watkins in 2009

Fellow guitarist Lee also recalls the last time he saw Ian, when they filmed a music video in December 2012, stating: “He seemed OK that day.”

Just a week later, Watkins was charged with child sex offences.

Following Ian’s conviction, the band released a statement, which read: “We are heartbroken, angry, and disgusted at what has been revealed. Our hearts go out to Ian's family, the fans and friends he betrayed, and most importantly, the victims of his crimes and others like them."

His former bandmates recently announced their comeback as new act No Devotion, fronted by singer Geoff Rickly.

Ian is currently serving a 35 year sentence. In January, he lodged an application for permission to appeal his sentence.