World Cup Final: Germany's Pope Benedict vs Argentina's Francis, But Who Will Ask For Divine Help?

Sorry Albicelestes - Buenos Aires-born Pope Francis won't pray for you, Argentina. Even it would mean scoring a victory over his German papal predecessor.

A Vatican spokesman said that the Pope will not watch the match on Sunday with Pope Benedict, because the Bavarian-born retired pope is not a football fan.

A Vatican spokesman said, tartly, that it was "amusing" how people were speculating that the two would come together over a bottle of communion wine to watch the game, but it was not going to happen.

Pope Francis meets Pope emeritus Benedict XVI in Castel Gandolfo

Pope Francis, an avid supporter and former season ticket holder for the Saints of San Lorenzo team in Buenos Aires, has also promised not to pray for divine intervention to grant his team World Cup glory.

The Vatican's Council for Culture plans to use the media interest to call for a moment of silence ahead of the game to encourage thought on “important things," using the hashtag #PAUSEforPeace.

According to the Catholic News Agency, Francis has previously described football as both "a game and at the same time an opportunity for dialogue, understanding and reciprocal human enrichment".

"[It] is not only a form of entertainment, but also – and above all I would say – a tool to communicate values, promote the good of the human person and help build a more peaceful and fraternal society," he continued. "Sport is a school of peace. It teaches us to build peace."

"By playing sports, we can see a metaphor of our lives," he declared. "To play in a team, it is necessary to consider first the good of the group, not on one's self. In order to win, it is necessary to overcome individualism, selfishness and all forms of racism, intolerance and instrumentalisation of the human person.

"The secret of victory in the field, but also in life, is to learn to respect the colleagues of your team, but also your opponent."

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