Samsung Drops Supplier Over Child Labour Claims


Samsung has confirmed that it has cut all ties with a Chinese supplier which has been accused of using children to make products.

The company revealed the news via its blog and confirmed that the Dongguan Shinyang Electronics Co. had been accused of using illegal hiring practices as well as hiring children.

Samsung's decision to cut all ties with the company came after a report by China Labour Watch revealed that children under the age of 18 had been working illegally for up to six months in order to keep up with demand from the South Korean electronics company.

The watch dog found a further 15 violations which included child labour, lack of any safety training, no overtime and no social insurance.

According to the Associated Press, the watch dog report was published not long after Samsung had carried out its own audit claiming that it had found no cases of child labour at any of its production facilities.

Samsung recently published lower-than-expected quarterly results with profits down 22 per cent on the same time last year.

The company has blamed poor uptake of its flagship Galaxy S5 phone, explaining that simply not enough people were buying smartphones.

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