'Women Against Feminism' Is A Thing. And We're Confused.

'Women Against Feminism' Is A Thing. And We're Confused.

A group of women - some 3,400 (and counting) - are riling up against modern feminism and "its toxic culture", by posting anti-feminist messages to a Facebook group 'Women Against Feminism'.

Confused? So were we.

Their reasons for opposing feminism range from respecting all genders to wanting to live in a society full of love rather than condemnation and hate.

The last time we checked this is what feminism stood for, and we're not the only ones to disagree.

"Feminism respects all genders and all humans. feminism is the movement for equal respect, because for generations, for millenniums, women have been disadvantaged and discriminated against. please, for all of us, take a Women Studies class," wrote one commenter.

But some group members claim to have had bad experiences of feminism.

"It [feminism] has turned from a rights movement to a sexist, corrupt, hateful organisation," writes one community member.

Another claims to have been told by feminists that she was a "disgrace to women" and deserved to be raped.

We've collated the most recent below.

What are your experiences of feminism? Let us know in the comments below...

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