Women's Rights

The TUC has surveyed 1,000 young women about their experiences in the workplace.
There are now eight billion humans alive on Earth. Yes, you read that correctly.
An ambassador for the event dubbed homosexuality "damage in the mind".
Iran's "Woman! Life! Freedom!" protests continue despite crackdowns, but the movement's future is unclear.
During a hearing on Capitol Hill, Law Professor Khiara Bridges stood up against Sen. Josh Hawley after she said his line of questioning “is transphobic.”
Health minister Lord Syed Kamall said he will also push the government to outlaw hymenoplasty.
The Metropolitan Police are facing another serious allegation. How will they recover from this?
Others are bombarding the site with things like Shrek porn.
Validity of gender pay gap records could be undermined as some 3.2m workers are wiped off.