Women's Rights

Health minister Lord Syed Kamall said he will also push the government to outlaw hymenoplasty.
The Metropolitan Police are facing another serious allegation. How will they recover from this?
Others are bombarding the site with things like Shrek porn.
Validity of gender pay gap records could be undermined as some 3.2m workers are wiped off.
Throughout the mid-20th century, groups of women around the world were fighting for change. In what came to form the Women’s Liberation Movement, women united to demand equal pay, equal opportunities, and free contraception, abortion and childcare. These demands were read out at the first ever National Women’s Conference in 1970. We spoke to Juliet Mitchell, one of the organisers of the conference, to hear what it was like to be part of a pivotal moment of women’s history.
Obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr David Hackney said: "Ectopics are the crazy cherry atop a nightmare sundae.”
“After careful reflection I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest," the rapper said.
Wasim is just an 18-year-old trying to find her place in the world.She shouldn't be burdened with the expectations and biases of a billion people.
What is the Dream Gap? These little girls are here to tell you There's something coming between little girls and their full potential and sadly, it starts affecting them from as young as five. If you've a little girl in your life, you need to watch this... Produced by Mattel/Barbie
As the global outcry over Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Alabama grows louder, we must not forget that women and LGBTQ+ face the same challenges in the UK and throughout Europe.