'Area 51' Tour Bus Accidentally Drives Inside Area 51, US Army Goes Nuts

Tour Bus Drives Into Area 51. Guess What The US Army Did?

'Area 51' is without a doubt one of the most secretive places in America, home to Lockheed Martin's skunkworks and the US Military's advanced testing facility it's home to technology that we'll likely never see.

That didn't stop one tour bus operator though from sailing straight past the forest of 'KEEP OUT' signs and, for the first time ever, heading actually inside the base.

The driver of the 'Adventure Photo Tours' bus was so busy chatting to his passengers that he failed to see the sign and drove for a full 2 minutes deeper into the base confines before perimeter guards caught them.

While the area surrounding the base has become a veritable hotbed of UFO fans, it's believed that this is actually the first instance of a person crossing the security boundaries which protect the base from intruders.

'Area 51' is the nickname given to the US military's secret detached facility at the Edwards Air Force Base, its official title by the CIA is the Nevada Test and Training Facility and has been the home to the first jet fighters to the testing of Nuclear weapons.


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