Conspiracy Theories

EXCLUSIVE: Text messages obtained by HuffPost show the possible editorial influence that a proven liar & conspiracy theorist might have on the most-watched cable news host in America.
Teachers and academics are worried about the extremist views being heard in UK schools.
Here’s what it’s like to lose the person who raised you to a far-right cult.
Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are the president's biggest proxies in attempting to undermine democracy.
The former Take That singer has been asking why a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory hasn't been debunked.
Lecturers from the Universities of Edinburgh, Leicester and Bristol have accused rescue workers the White Helmets of mass murder in Syria – to condemnation from Amnesty International and others.
Canadian universities will no longer host the UK blogger, a regular on Russian state-backed media channels who writes for a number of conspiracy websites.
'It’s great to see how Nessie’s saltwater cousin got involved in helping with the war effort.'