Dog Gives Baby Girl A Tongue Bath (Video)


Who needs bathtime when you've got a willing pet dog to lick you clean?

This baby girl doesn't need to take the plunge - because her pet dog gives her a tongue bath instead!

The wonderful moment pooch Bixby smothers baby Venice with kisses was caught on camera by the girl's mum Leyna Ambron, from Los Angeles.

She posted it to You Tube where it has been viewed more than half a million times.

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It shows Venice, enjoying a back full of licks from Bixby as the two sat together on the floor.

The infant, who's wearing a nappy, delights in the dog bath so much she refuses to let him stop, rearranging herself repeatedly in front of the pet.

At one point she rolls over on all fours so Bixby can reach a patch on the back of her neck.

Her chuckling mum asks: "Is Bixby giving you a bath?"

After more than a minute Venice decides that she's had enough of the cleaning session and gets up from the floor.

One YouTube fan wrote: "I love how the baby wants more and the dog oblige[s]. They are so cute together."

Leyna said she's had Bixby - a rescue boxer/whippet mix - for eight-and-a-half years, since he was 12 weeks old.

She said: "He's the most loving, patient dog and is so sweet with our girl."