Paris Hilton Debuts Music Video For New Song 'Come Alive'... And It Is Predictably Insane (VIDEO)

Paris Hilton has finally unveiled the music video for her comeback single, ‘Come Alive’, and it truly has to be seen in all its ridiculousness to be believed.

When her second single ‘Nothing In This World’ stalled at a pretty unimpressive number 55 in the UK singles chart back in 2006, we feared that Paris’s music career may have already ended before it really began, but thankfully after a long wait the true saviour of pop music is back with a video so insane we can’t quite believe it exists.

Paris Hilton lounges in a pink cloud in her new video. Of course she does

In the dreamy music video - Paris’s first since the offensively bad ‘Good Time’ made its debut last year - Paris is seen living in a candy-coloured fantasy world featuring unicorns, candy floss clouds and an array of wigs each less realistic than the last.

The video opens with the heiress running through a field - wearing precious little, of course - before sporting some pretty impressive angel wings and lounging around in a giant pink cloud. A typical Wednesday afternoon in the life of Paris Hilton, in other words.

Paris shows off some angel wings

As if all that wasn’t trippy enough, it all culminates in Paris playing around on a swing made out of flowers… and hanging out with a unicorn. Under a rainbow. Seriously, this is a thing that exists.

We have a feeling this is how Paris sees the world all the time

As for the song itself, we must admit we were hoping for a little more from Paris. We know she’s not exactly known for her Mariah-esque vocals, but there’s enough AutoTune on this song to make Kesha’s first album sound like an acoustic extravaganza in comparison, while the production is so phoned-in it would make Lisa Scott-Lee herself ask, “hmmm… do you not have anything that sounds a little more relevant?”

Still, Paris is really back - and we’d rather see Paris feeding a unicorn and larking nonsensically around in a field than no Paris at all.

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