16/07/2014 08:17 BST | Updated 16/07/2014 08:59 BST

Shoppers Break Windows To Release Children From Hot Car (VIDEO)

A group of shoppers have been filmed breaking the windows of a jeep parked in a shopping mall after noticing two children locked inside.

Temperatures were hovering above 90 degrees in the Houston suburb of Katy, on Monday.

KHOU initially reported the mother of the children (who were found unharmed) had left them in the car while she was getting a haircut and had asked bystanders not to call police.

“Even a dog can die, so imagine a person,” said Gabriel Del Valle, who shot the footage.

The incident comes in the wake of the death of Cooper Harris, who succumbed to sunstroke after he was left in a car for a whole day

But it has since emerged the mother did not intentionally lock her children in the vehicle and was not negligent in any way.

CCTV footage is said to show the woman walking her children to the car and then accidentally locking them in along with her keys.

She is then seen rushing frantically back to the store and asking for help – whereupon a customer grabbed a hammer and broke the glass.

The incident comes in the wake of the tragic death of Cooper Harris, who perished in the back seat of the car he was left in for seven hours.

His father Justin Ross Harris has been charged with his murder, despite insisting he forgot his son was there.

Vigilance over the dangers of hot cars was also highlighted by one North Carolina father who filmed himself sitting in a hot car in temperatures of 90 degrees.

Terry Williams rolled up the windows and switched off the air conditioner for the experiment, addressing the camera with a face slicked with sweat.

“I want to know how it feels to be left in the car, “ he said.

“This is wrong man. We go through this every year. Don’t be the next fool on the damn news talking about [how] you left your kids in the backseat,” he added.

“Share this message.”

According to, 38 children are lost annually to heat-related deathsfrom being left in vehicles.