A Third Of Men Have Faked An Orgasm, Erm... How?

How Men Fake Orgasms (And Get Away With It)

Faking orgasms is stereotypically considered a pastime of women, but a recent survey found over a third of men have faked the magic moment.

When Time Out's survey revealed 30.6% of guys have fake it, the team here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle we more than a little bit confused.

Are we missing something over here? How do men actually fake an orgasm? For obvious reasons, when a guy doesn't climax, isn't it a little bit, well, obvious?

Sex and dating expert and HuffPost UK blogger The Guyliner told HuffPost UK Lifestyle he's got first hand experience of faking the 'Big male O' and apparently, faking it as a man isn't all that hard.

"It's fairly easy if you're using a condom. Even if you don't know the person you're having sex with that well, you can usually tell when it's time for you to begin your performance.

"As their cheeks start to flush and their movements become more… well, frantic, now's your big moment. Make all the right noises, get your breathing to that special rhythm and let go.

"In the heat of the moment, nobody's going to be double-checking the condom. Unless you're going out with Liz Jones. Just remove it, and yourself, and head to the bathroom to get rid of it before anyone starts asking any questions.

"Without a condom, it's trickier, but there's usually so much going on, there isn't time to stop and assess exactly what's happened and what hasn't," he says.

So why would a man fake an orgasm?

Durex RealFeel Sexpert Alix Fox told HuffPost UK Lifestyle there are whole variety of reasons why a guy might act like he’s ejaculated when in fact, he’s emitted jack all.

"For example, if he’s struggling to cum because he’s tired, tipsy, using condoms that inhibit stimulation or taking medications such as antidepressants which can make orgasm hard or laboriously lengthy to achieve.

"Another cause may be the desire to please his partner by ostensibly cumming at the same time as her – a feat some see as particularly intimate, connected and romantic, but which can be very tricky to make happen," she says.

Sex expert Tracey Cox told us that men fake it for many of the same reasons as women do: "To avoid hurting their partners. Women get even more upset if a man fakes it because men are supposed to orgasm every single time. So there must be something really wrong with her if he doesn't have one!"

"Lots of things affect men's ability to climax - stress, the amount he's had sex recently, alcohol intake.

"If it's the first time and he really likes her, the pressure is on and penises don't like pressure. They respond by either refusing to come out to play at all (his worst nightmare), playing for approximately one minute (his second worst) or refusing to stop (hers). Not being able to climax at all is often the result of him trying desperately to avoid premature ejaculation."

But it's worth noting that a lack of semen doesn't necessarily mean your man's a big fat faker.

"Women shouldn’t assume that their partner is absolutely acting if he says he’s orgasmed without ejaculating, though. It is possible for gents to experience climactic sensations without producing any fluid," Alix says.

"‘Dry orgasms can also occur if a man has ejaculated several times in a short period and his body has temporarily run out of seminal fluid stocks, yet some sperm may well still be present in indiscernible amounts, so you should still use protection in this instance."

So there you have it, next time you think a man's having the time of his life, look closer - all may not be as it first seems...

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