Delightful Thing Of The Day: The Graphic Designer Who Writes Cryptic Notes For His Postmen To Solve

This Graphic Designer Writes Cryptic Notes For His Postmen To Solve

James Addison, we're loving your work.

For five years, the graphic designer from Poole in Dorset has been addressing envelopes using cryptic maps, codes, word searches and drawings for postal workers to solve - and they haven't yet failed to deliver. Quite literally.

Watch the video above to see the story of Addison's wonderful 'puzzles for postmen'. As he says on his website, the Royal Mail is "an efficient machine with a very human spirit and a great team of people dedicated in delivering every letter they receive.

"Somehow I very much doubt that any other postal service in the world would embrace badly addressed envelopes in such an eccentric and light-hearted way."

(Via Metro)

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