Post Office

DHL has also suspended a number of its delivery services in the UK and Ireland.
The collection, designed to pay homage to postal workers, includes a £455 jacket made from old post bags.
The pandemic might lead to delays, so step on it! 🎄📮
We walk you through how to use the service, which lets people have up to five small or medium-sized items collected from their doorstep.
CWU union wants junk mail to cease and priority be given to helping the vulnerable.
Online returns are about to become much easier 📮
While the risk of a limit is low, experts confirm it is a possibility.
In a new series, HuffPost UK is looking at how local communities are changing as services are scaled back.
A post office had stood proudly in Wigan town centre for 134 years, surviving two world wars and a global financial crash – but not three years of Tory government
The Government may continue to peddle the myth that it has no agency over our high streets – the truth is they are willingly letting a proud institution and the public down