National Feel Good Day: This Is What Instantly De-Stresses People Around The World

National Feel Good Day is a bit of a strange one. It started with a big bang last year, and this year seems to have dropped off the radar, despite being a great idea.

Well, we'd like to resurrect it because it allows us to pause and reflect on the things we love, that make us smile in an instant.

Dr Madoka Kumashiro, lecturer in the department of psychology at Goldsmiths University spoke last year about National Feel Good Day. Talking about wellbeing, she said: "Personal and relational concerns, though not the only sources of meaning in life, are among the most fundamental components of human motivation and must be addressed if we are to achieve wellbeing.

"It is often thought that over-dedication to relational concerns at the expense of personal concerns is more beneficial to relationships. However, research shows that relationships function best when individuals sustain a desired equilibrium between personal and relational domains."

With that in mind, we asked some of our readers to tweet us with their suggestions for 19 July, and have rounded up pictures from Instagram.

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