'Destiny' Beta: Secrets Revealed In Bungie's New RPG Shooter

There Are Plenty Of Cool Secrets In The 'Destiny' Beta

The 'Destiny' beta is here - and it's not just a rehash of the game we've already seen in the previous Alpha test. There are more and expanded missions and backstory, a more fleshed-out social element and new looks at the depth offered by coop and 'crucible' deathmatch.

But the Beta isn't just about new bits and pieces - it adds up to a totally new experience. Where our reporter found the alpha to be a fairly drab affair in places, the beta really comes to life. The game really feels like a true RPG, and allows the player to develop their character in just the way they want to.

We'll have a full impressions piece later this week, but in the meantime we wanted to gather together some of the best secrets videos, gameplay and other details about the beta in one place.

(Above is our video highlight on the coolest 'bosses' hidden in the depths of the preview game. We've also got tons of screenshots after the videos.)


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