Destiny 2, the sequel to the best-selling video game of the same name, is set to launch on the 6 September in the UK. Before
I have written before about the different types of love: romantic, maternal, self-love, etc. There is another kind of love- silent and fateful, an obligation to yield because it makes us who we are. A person can be the direction of our heart. A navigator on our journey through life.
Launches in the UK on the 6 September.
Destiny 2 will officially launch in the UK on the 6 September for Xbox One, PS4 and then for the PC on 24 October. Activision
The sequel to the $500m game is coming...
Video game developers Bungie has officially confirmed that Destiny 2 is indeed happening. The studio tweeted what may well
Personally now with that mind-blowing wonder of hindsight, I can look back over the past twenty odd years, if not more of my life and I have to question whether the constant fretting that I seemed incapable of stopping served any purpose whatsoever.
As much as I believe in free will, I also believe we signed up for something. We walked into this life with a mission, every single one of us. I believe we can miss the mission. But I believe there is an inner guidance that has set a course to fulfil that destiny. (Ugh I just used that word destiny again!)
Finally the multiplayer is superb. It's perfect for players who want to drop in, get rewarded and then feel like they'd done