Starbucks Invents Its Own Currency?

Starbucks Has A New Diabolical Scheme To Take Over The World

Starbucks could soon be letting you pay for a whole lot more than coffee with its official Starbucks app as the brand is reportedly looking into creating its own ecosystem.

The coffee brand has one of the most comprehensive Android and iPhone app on the market allowing you to wirelessly pay for drinks with a digital wallet that can then earn you rewards.

Speaking to Recode Adam Brotman, Starbucks' Chief Digital Officer confirmed that over 14 per cent of all purchases are now made through the app and with that number increasing the company is looking into ways of accelerating growth.

According to Brotman the company is in contact with other retailers about making the Starbucks card a viable form of payment for other products.

Whilst he won't mention what type of product the belief is it could be anything from books, to clothes. It's unlikely food would ever come into it as Starbucks is hardly going to start helping its rivals.

Another idea is pre-ordering, a service which will allow you to select the coffee you want, pick the nearest store and then have the drink ready for when you arrive.

There are of course a huge number of variables associated with a feature like that; drinks cooling before people turn up, mis-placed orders, no phone signal etc.

With new technologies like iBeacon and the raft of improvements expected to arrive on iOS 8 Starbucks would be able to use the low-energy wireless technology to gauge how far away a person is from the store, allowing them to make the drink in time.


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