'Bunch O Balloons' Kickstarter Solves The Water Balloon Fight Condundrum

In these dog days of summer heatwaves and school holidays, there is almost nothing quite as fun as an extended water balloon fight.

But there is - and has always been - a problem with this incredibly enjoyable way to get wet for no very good reason: actually filling up the balloons.

As everyone who has ever tried it knows, there is no way to fill up multiple balloons at once, leading to a bottlenecked arms race in which the kid with access to the hose always wins. It's also slow, and boring.

Which is where Bunch O Balloons comes in. This Kickstarter idea, which has already smashed its $10,000 goal, is a simple hose attachment which fills up 37 water balloons in less than 20 seconds.

The water balloons come pre-attached, which means there is no preparation necessary. The balloons even tie themselves.

"Forget the trials of filling and tying countless individual balloons, Bunch O Balloons takes all the hassle of preparing for a water fight and lets you just enjoy the fun! Simply secure the pre-packaged attachment to a hose and you’ll have 100 water balloons ready to use in one minute."

Since it's just a Kickstarter project, the balloons aren't available yet. But the team says that early backers will get their balloons before the end of Summer, with full availability coming in April 2015.

You can get 100 balloons for just $15, and hundreds more if you're prepared to back the project with more money.