In need of a digital detox to clear your head? One US company has found a way to filter screens out of your life, and look sharp in the process. In Real Life Labs have created glasses that block light from LED and LCD monitors, using rotated polarised glass.
While there's undoubtedly going to be a dip in the tabletop market, the way for companies old and new to survive is within grasp. The secret is looking around and using the people that have made it thrive.
Harry Potter fans listen up. A Kickstarter project wants to create a real wizarding pub in the centre of London and they’ll
We’ve all been there, that ice-cold sinking feeling that alerts us to the fact we just left our wallet in a coffee shop that
Imagine a world where fashion is fair. Right now it's not - it's exploitative, environmentally destructive and despite being one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world, it's also the second most polluting.
Amongst a host of impacts, I was thrown into an unknown world of lingerie buying - post surgical bra land. For the uninitiated, this is a place you feel strangely ashamed to visit. It's hidden away, at the back of bright, inviting lingerie departments. The bras lurk sadly, hanging around looking baggy and apologetic; all they have to say for themselves is, "this is as good as it gets for you now girl, choose one."
According to Twitter, the UK's top resolution ideas this year include changing diet and exercise habits, picking up a new hobby, saving money, getting a new job, drinking less booze, getting more sleep and making new friends.