Kickstarter Gives Humans Chance To Own Voyager's Historic Golden Record

A Kickstarter project has been launched which would allow us to own the historic golden records which are currently some 20 billion kilometres away on board both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.

It was an astonishing achievement of unity in science and in honour of Voyager’s 40th anniversary the Kickstarter project will allow anyone to own exact copies of the discs that could one day meet an alien civilisation.

In 1977, NASA launched the two Voyager spacecraft tasking it with a mission to explore the Solar System and then afterwards explore deep space.

In addition to capturing images and data about universe, both Voyager spacecraft were given a very special task: to be the emissary for humanity if it ever encountered alien life.

NASA NASA / Reuters

To help explain our location, who we are and where we came from scientists from all around the world came together to create what could be considered the ultimate Facebook profile.

They collected sounds, music, words, pictures and videos and then stored them all on a collection of solid gold phonograph records (along with some instructions on how to use them).

NASA via Getty Images

The idea was that if Voyager ever encountered an alien civilisation these records would be able to teach them everything they needed to know about our species.

NASA has already revealed some of the sounds that were stored on the discs and you can listen to those below.

The record contains a huge variety of sounds which perfectly summed up life on our planet at the time.

This included sounds like children crying, tractors working the fields or trains passing by.

Each album that’s purchased would come with the same instructions that are currently etched onto the side of the Voyager spacecraft along with a commemorative book.

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