Ready For A British Summer? This Smart Umbrella Tells You When You'll Need It

This Smart Umbrella Is Your Ultimate Weapon Against A Classic British Summer

To take an umbrella or not to take an umbrella? That is the ultimate question for those of us who have lived through a classic British summer.

One minute it's glorious sunshine and the next we're all hiding in bus shelters quietly cursing our arrogantly placed confidence after it looked so sunny this morning.

Well this Kickstarter project might be the perfect gadget for you, because not only does it know the weather before you do but it'll even send you an alert on your smartphone reminding you to take it with you.

It's called the 'oombrella' and with just 30 hours to go it is an agonising €4,000 away from reaching its goal.

This rather nifty smart umbrella comes with sensors built into the handle that'll detect the temperature, pressure, humidity and light around it.


Using this, combined with national weather data, the oombrella will then send you an alert such as: "Take me with you. It will rain in 15 minutes".

What is perhaps just as useful is that it also knows when you've left it behind somewhere, sending you a notification and preventing you from spending a fortune on lost accessories.


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