Kickstarter Wants To Replace All Tube Adverts With Pictures Of Cats

This is the best idea ever.

An organisation on crowdfunding website Kickstarter is spearheading a plan to make London a better place - by replacing all Tube adverts with pictures of cats.

The Underground station of the future could be littered with adorable feline pictures rather than the advertisements we're currently plagued with if the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS) gets its way.

The group is asking the public for £23,000 - of which they've already raised almost £3,000 - so they can take over their first Tube station.


According to the Kickstarter page, they've already approached Transport For London (TfL) and been given the green light.

"If we raise £20,000 we can do a whole platform in one of the smaller stations - any higher and we're in the big leagues," they said.

"We know this is a silly project. But what if we did this around the whole country, or in every major city in the world? Cats everywhere!

"Dumb yes, but also this is about trying something, flexing our collective voice in the most idiotic of ways. From all this madness something amazing could happen. Perhaps we'll start to realise that buying stuff isn't making us happy."


The project is the brainchild of Glimpse, who describe themselves as "a group of creative people who want to use our skills for good".

They say the reasoning for this particular plan is simple: "a) it would look amazing. b) it’s exhausting being asked to buy stuff all the time."

For a mere £5 donation, they'll let you in on a web-based version of their concept, which blocks all ads and replaces them with cat pictures. If you do this, please remember to whitelist the Huffington Post!

For a £100 donation, they'll actually put YOUR cat on a poster. There's also a t-shirt or something but frankly we're much more excited about the prospect of seeing our own pets on the walls of a Tube platform.

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