'Destiny' Beta: Class Guides To Help You Find Your, Well, Destiny

Half Life

The Destiny beta is fantastic, and now it's open to everyone.

That's right - you don't need a code, a golden ticket or a secret handshake to play one of the games of the year. All you need is an Xbox One or PS4 and a few hours worth of bandwidth.

Destiny -- in case you aren't aware already -- is Activision and Bungie's online-only, RPG-ish, first person shootathon. It cost $500 million to make, looks beautiful, and plays like Titanfall with the collect-em-all loot of Borderlands and the class-levelling of Warcraft.

It's awesome. There's also a limited-time super-hard event called the Iron Banner which will probably make you cry, but will be a lot of fun too.

To help you this weekend with your first forays into the futuristic death-scape of post-invasion Earth, we've collected these three class guides. They should help you work out you first tentative steps into the world of Destiny (at least until level 8, at which point the Beta stops because you will have to pay for this one day.

Titan: "the powerful mechanistic soldiers of the Last City, equipped with powerful weapons and indomitable advanced mech-like suits of fiercely devastating power."

Hunter "the reconnaissance masters of the Last City, who seek, find and destroy those who want to end Humankind's seed."

Warlock: "wield the power of 'spells' to complement their weapons and to overpower their enemies."