Sheffield University Student Captures Graduation Day With Google Glass

The emotional journey of graduation day has been captured by a student from the University of Sheffield, using revolutionary Google Glass technology.

Munyaradzi Chawawa, aged 21, graduated from the University on Wednesday (23 July 2104) and has broken new ground by becoming the first person in the UK to film their entire graduation day using the new wearable technology, which only launched in the UK last month.

Google Glass is a hands-free alternative to the smartphone and takes the form of a device mounted on a pair of glasses that delivers information via a virtual screen.

Munyaradzi used the technology to record his entire graduation day, from getting ready to receiving his degree certification. The footage, which has been edited down to a moving 3:30 minute video, was then set to a piece of poignant spoken word by Munyaradzi.