Shaken Monthly Cocktail Kits Deliver You A Bar In A Box That Won't Break The Bank

As well as being one of the more enjoyable ways of turning tipsy, a grown-up cocktail can lend you an air of class. And if you've made it yourself, it spells out that important message: “Yes thank you, my bar talents extend beyond opening a can of lager.”

Maybe you’ve got one of those kits at home – you know with the shaker and all that – making you look like a real pro.

I’m a huge fan of cocktail culture, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying buying all the vermouths, bitters and syrups is expensive. Expensive to the point where I might as well be back in the bloody pub and not dropping £50 in the supermarket booze aisle.

Shaken Cocktails will post you a monthly bar-in-a-box for just £24

Which brings me to the solution: A cocktail kit that brilliantly contains just enough of everything you need.

For £24, Shaken Cocktails will post you a monthly box of spirits which can be assembled into elegant, classic drinks.

And we’re not talking vodka cokes here, this is the real shiz.

I was sent a dinky kit to make an ‘Aviation’ – an ethereal-looking pale blue gin concoction containing crème de violette (told you it was classy). It's crisp and bracing with floral notes reminiscent of sweet shop Parma Violets (remember them?).

My box also included vials of green chartreuse, maraschino cherry liqueur and absinthe – all of which I combined to create a tangy tipple heralding from the prohibition era known as the Last Word. The chartreuse lends a herbal kick to the drink, helping smooth out the tartness and the maraschino is frankly delicious.

Along with a short list of tips and tricks to make the most out of your cocktails, this little kit is a true gem.

The drinks are sophisticated, yet easy to make, and the volumes supplied make this less of a binge and more of a treat to savour.


Visit Shaken Cocktails for more information on 3,6 or 12 month rolling packages. Gift packages and subscriptions also available.

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