Tulisa Drugs Trial: Star Says Class Played A Part In Why She Was Targeted In Newspaper Sting, Admits She Had Prepared Herself For Prison Sentence

Tulisa has been speaking about her recent drugs trial and says she believes class played a part in why she was targeted by an undercover reporter.

The former 'X Factor' judge had been accused of being concerned with the supply of class A drugs, after she was charged with helping Mazher Mahmood - an undercover journalist from The Sun on Sunday- to obtain 13.9g of cocaine for £860.

But last week the judge threw out the case against her, due to "serious misconduct" on the part of Mr. Mahmood, also known as 'the fake Sheikh'.


In an interview with 'Good Morning Britain', Tulisa says despite never taking cocaine, she believes she was targeted because of her background.

“I’ve openly admitted to smoking weed," she said. "There are a lot of people in this industry that have dabbled in cocaine and I am one of the very few that haven’t and don’t.

"To me it feels a bit of a class thing as well. There are certain people of a different class that can get off very lightly in certain situations and it gets laughed off.

"With me everything gets made to feel a lot worse - because of the class thing - because at times I do get shown as a bit of a rebel of the industry but I am actually quite the opposite.”

She also admitted that she had prepared herself for the possibility of a prison sentence but was terrified of losing everything she had worked for

“Prison was very scary at first but then I had to come to terms with it because I thought it was a possibility," she said.

"I came to terms with it - I accepted it. The biggest fear for me was losing my livelihood, something I have worked for from the age of 11 years old.

"I’ve not known anything else, its all I have had. Its my life. I just woke up one day and it was taken out of hands - I had no control - I couldn’t work, I couldn’t speak to clear my name because of legal reasons.

"I just had to sit in silence just being bashed left right and centre by the media - and being portrayed as a monster.”

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