29/07/2014 16:26 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Amy Elsegood Shares Birthmark No Makeup Selfie In Response To Bullies

Amy Elsegood from Ripon, North Yorkshire, was met with worldwide support when she posted a no makeup selfie revealing a port-wine stain birthmark on her face.

Elsegood was inspired by the #nomakeupselfie campaign and the phenomenal amount of money it raised for Cancer Research UK .

The 22-year-old - who has worn special makeup from the NHS since she was 11 to conceal her birthmark - initially posted the selfie on Instagram and Facebook in March and has since received overwhelming support from friends and total strangers alike.

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"Not going to lie taking a #nomakeupselfie filled me with dread as I would never leave the house without cover up on as I'm scared people will stare at me and judge me for the birthmark on my face," she wrote at the time of posting.

"Uploading this into Facebook makes me feel quite scared but I thought no I'm going to do this! I'm not any different to anyone else it's just the way I was born, I've got nothing to prove to anyone this is who I am, It's for a good cause showing cancer awareness :)."

After she was met with waves upon waves of messages from across the globe Amy added: "I wore [makeup] every time I left the house.

"But then one day I just thought, 'you were born like this, there is no reason to be ashamed,' so I posted a no make-up selfie.

"No-one could say anything negative that I haven't heard before. The reaction on Facebook was amazing, I had over 600 likes with people all over the world messaging me, it was surreal."

While she had a positive response on Facebook, Amy explained she had been a target for bullies.

"I was about four years old when I realised I was different. Other kids would point at me, call me 'blob face' and say that I was ugly.

"I even had one woman come up to me on holiday to say that I would've been pretty if it wasn't for my birthmark."

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