‘Doctor Who' Series Eight: Madame Vastra To Return In New Episode (PICS)

‘Doctor Who’ fans are being treated to their first look at the series eight premiere and it’s been confirmed that Madame Vastra will be returning.

The new snaps also show Peter Capaldi sporting Matt Smith’s ‘Doctor Who’ costume, while another shows his companion Clara in Victorian dress.

Madame Vastra

Madame Vastra will be joined by Jenny Flint and Strax, her fellow Paternoster Gang members.

The first episode of series eight, entitled ‘Deep Breath’, will be screened at the the Edinburgh International Television Festival in late August, after premiering with a special screening at Cardiff’s St. David’s Hall.

Peter Capaldi wears the 11th Doctor's costume

Producers urged fans not to read or share the scripts, stating that the audience should be able to “enjoy the show as it should be seen when it launches”.

Peter Capaldi will star alongside Jenna-Louise Coleman

Series eight will feature a number of special guests, including ‘Line Of Duty’ star Keeley Hawes and Ben Miller.

In March, the cast were spotted filming in Cardiff, where they were joined by a terrifying new monster.

‘Deep Breath’ will be screened on BBC1 on Saturday 23 August.

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