Russell Brand Is In Good Company: Here Was Sean Hannity Vs Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

Russell Brand Is In Good Company: Here's Jon Stewart Vs Sean Hannity (VIDEO)

Russell Brand has found himself on the wrong - or to most of us, right- side of Fox News host Sean Hannity, telling him blasting his views on Gaza and saying that he looks like a Ken doll. Hannity has hit back, calling Brand a D-lister actor - for shame! - and attempting to 'educate' the comedian on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

When it comes to having a pop at the right-wing host, Brand is in good company. Back in April, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took on Hannity - not for the first time - over his defence of gun totin', anti-government Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, who was involved in a long-standing dispute with the American government.

Stewart blasted "Fox's immigration-slash-healthcare-law-expert-pundit" Hannity's support for Bundy - and just as he's done now with Russell Brand, Hannity hit back at his comedic critic:

Of course, Jon Stewart then responded in even bigger and better fashion:

Russell Brand, we await your next move...

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