Sean Hannity

“The only global warming we should be thinking about or worrying about is nuclear global warming,” the ex-president said as he vilified Biden's climate envoy.
The former president declined to say if he would use his office to go "after people" if he's elected again in 2024.
The Fox News host may have slipped up after a shouting match with the Republican presidential candidate.
Dominion's case against Rupert Murdoch's TV network is set to pull back the curtain on Trump’s election lies and how the broadcaster operates.
The Republican Accountability Project taunts Trump for praising autocrats.
Even some of the ex-president's longtime defenders seem to be done with him.
Hypocrisy, thy name is Sean Hannity. The Fox News host peddled rigged-election theories on his prime-time show, but privately, he believed the “big lie” was just that.
On his show, Sean Hannity aired a 2018 voicemail between Joe & Hunter Biden that showed how much love the President has for his son.
The former president said accepting Haitian migrants was "like a death wish for our country."
"The cringe increases exponentially with each passing second of this clip."