31/07/2014 09:01 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Danger Of Wearing Platforms: This Video

This season is all about funky, comfy flats but there are still a few who have been taking a risk in ridiculously high platforms (remember the ones Scary Spice used to wear?)

This girl chose to wear the style on her graduation day and as the video shows, she's probably going to regret that choice for the rest of her life...

The Nottingham Trent student literally went head over her crazy-high platforms during the university's graduation ceremony and proved these shoes are just plain dangerous.

It gets worse... Winghei Terri NG had made the platforms herself as part of an art product and while the metallic, recycled metal design was pretty standout - they clearly weren't made for walking in.

There's never a good time to nose dive, but these ankle-breakers had disaster written all over them. Fingers crossed Winghei wasn't too bruised after her fall. Perhaps she might eventually see the funny side?

Frequent flatform wearers (a subtle take on the trend) and Vogue writer Liana Satenstein have recently reported that accidental slip-ups are a regular thing.

Yoga instructor Yamuna Zake told Vogue it's essential to "distribute your weight from your big toes to little toes so you are never keeping all your weight bearing into one point in your foot.

"If you keep your weight in your heels, it is easier to keep the ankles from collapsing inward."

So that's the secret to wearing in your footwear minus the embarrassment of a not-so-sleek tumble. As for the Spice Girls style platform, no. Just no.

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