'Big Brother': Helen Rants After Being Voted 'Most Two-Faced Housemate', Brands Viewers 'F***ing Tw*ts' (VIDEO)

Big Brother’ housemate Helen Wood got into one of her famous rants last night, after being branded the ‘most two-faced’ contestant by viewers as part of a task during the highlights show.

To try and win money for their weekly shopping budget, the housemates were required to correctly guess which of them had come out on top in a variety of categories in a viewers’ poll, including ‘Most Unhygienic’, ‘Most Stuck Up’ and ‘Most Interesting’.

The 'BB' housemates prepare for their task

Unfortunately, it seems the group could learn a thing or two about self-awareness, as out of eleven categories they only managed to guess three correctly, including incorrectly guessing that Chris was the ‘Most Two-Faced’ contestant, when in fact the public chose Helen.

Needless to say, Helen was less than impressed to hear this, calling it “the biggest insult ever” and branded voters “f***ing tw*ts” over their decision. She was similarly unimpressed to also be named 'Most Manipulative'.

Helen was voted 'Most Manipulative'

Still seething, she later ranted that she was worried her housemates thought the same, asking Chris: “What the f*** have I done? It doesn’t exactly inspire people in the house, does it? When it got said… there were only a couple of people shocked.”

She then joked: “It’s like… hello! Is this what you all think? F***ing a***holes.”

Helen’s argumentative nature has made her a very polarising figure in this year’s ‘Big Brother’, as has ex-housemate Pauline’s decision to give her a free pass to the final in the early days of the series.

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