01/08/2014 06:04 BST | Updated 01/08/2014 06:59 BST

'Dickstarter' Is A Kickstater To Draw A Giant Penis


The Kickstarter phenomenon which once promised a bright new future of crowd-funded businesses and ideas appears to now be in full-on parody mode.

After the exhausting Potato Salad saga (which raised $40k to make a man lunch), comes a new project, by one Alex Wong, to gather funds to produce… the biggest drawing of a penis in the world.

The 'World's Biggest Dick Drawing' Kickstarter - aka 'Dickstarter' - has already met its goal four times over with $436 in funding, from 32 backers.

The author of the project writes:

"I want to make the world's biggest dick drawing. With your help, I will be able to create a wonderful (and long) drawing of the male anatomy. This is both a personal project rooted in my childhood dreams, as well as a collaborate project to spread awareness and understanding of our bodies."

For a pledge of $1 you get to add an inch to the drawing. For various other amounts you can add other details to the anatomical sketch, or receive a T-shirt with the slogan written in edifyingly large type.

And if you pledge $200? Then you get this:

"The Foresaken: Add a foreskin to the head of the World's Biggest Dick Drawing! (Very rare and exclusive to one pledge) ***One of a kind "Foresaken" Dickstarter shirt included***"

How could you resist?

The project has 20 days left to run, by which time it won't be funny any more, obviously, if it ever was.