02/08/2014 07:40 BST | Updated 04/08/2014 15:59 BST

‘Hope for Gammy' Raises £80,000 For Ill Down's Syndrome Baby Abandoned By Parents

Thousands of kind-hearted people have swiftly raised money for a baby who was abandoned with his surrogate mother after his parents refused to take him home because he has Down’s Syndrome.

The six-month-old boy, named Gammy, also has a congenital heart condition and needs urgent medical treatment.

An Australian couple have faced a fierce backlash after refusing to take little Gammy from his Thai surrogate mother, only accepting his healthy twin sister.

A campaign for Gammy has so far raised over $140,000 (£83,000).



Pattaramon Chanbua, 21, was reportedly paid $15,000 (£9,000) to be a surrogate for the unidentified Australian couple.

Mrs Pattaramon was told of the child's condition four months after becoming pregnant and the couple asked her to have an abortion but she refused, saying it was against her Buddhist beliefs.

Ms Pattaramon, who already has two children, says she cannot afford to pay for the Gammy’s medical costs but that she wants to "take care of Gammy" as her own.

"I won't give my baby to anybody," she told Fairfax Media.


She told Australia’s ABC News: "The money that was offered [to be a surrogate] was a lot for me.

"In my mind, with that money, one, we can educate my children; and two, we can repay our debt."