Over 50% Of Brits Check Their Work Emails While On Holiday

This Is Why Most Brits Are Headed For Burnout
Zoonar RF via Getty Images

Do you check your emails on holiday? Even just once? If so, you're part of a worrying statistic of people that check their inbox while they're meant to be relaxing or off experiencing a new adventure.

Figures from online travel agent Travel Republic show that 52% will log in for work when they should officially be chilling out and 26% of those said they would respond to emails.

Researchers, who quizzed 1,000 UK-based office workers, found that younger employees were the most conscientious, with 38% of them claiming to read and respond to emails when they are away, compared with 29% of people aged 45-54.

Among those aged between 35-44, 45% said they let their out-of-office message do what it's intended for and never checked their emails.

Women were also more relaxed than men during their time off, with 54% saying they never looked at work emails, compared with 42% of men.

Reading work emails had cause 36% of couples to fall out and 70% of women confessed to having a problem with their other halves checking their emails on holiday compared with 58% of men who saw it as an issue.

Travel Republic's chief marketing officer Elliott Pritchard said most people felt relief when they took a break from work, but added: "We initially wanted to understand the emotions people experience when preparing to leave the office for annual leave, and the biggest emotion is 'relief' (46%).

"As workplaces become busier, annual leave becomes more of a luxury, but the reality is that many office workers cannot completely turn off."