Cavity Pose - The Bizarre Japanese Fashion Trend Meant To Slim Your Face Goes Viral

We're used to seeing bizarre trends in the world of fashion and this one is certainly no exception.

The latest trend in Japan is posing with your hand to your face as if you have a toothache - the move, called 'mushiba no poozu' or 'mushiba poozu' in Japanese, literally translates as 'cavity pose'.

Donning the position is thought to make a woman appear cuter, slimmer and therefore more beautiful - disturbing right?

Some of the world's leading magazines currently feature models who look like they need to see a dentist - and the good people of Twitter have picked up on it with many asking: "does everybody have toothache?".

But despite its undeniable ridiculousness, the trend has made the transition from fashion pages to social media, with many members of the public posting their own cavity poses on Instagram and Twitter.

According to the MailOnline, the 'cavity pose' fad began last year, but has gained momentum in Japan since the trend spread to art, popular cartoons and even national magazines.