Alien Style 'Power Loader' Gives Man Superhuman Strength

This Superhuman Exosuit Is Actually Real. No, Really.

Remember the Power Loader from 'Alien'? Well we've reached the stage where human exoskeletons are now a reality.

South Korean shipbuilders Daewoo have been working on a powerful exoskeleton which allows the wearer to pick up incredibly heavy loads with no strain.

First reported by New Scientist, the exoskeleton is being tested by shipbuilders at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering's main facility in Okpo-dong.

The pilot is strapped into the suit and gives the wearer three hours of assisted walking and lifting; completely mimicking the movements of the pilot.

While the suit is very much still in the prototype stage, the design is near complete with the research team now focusing on improving the suit's speed and maneuverability with the aim being that a worker can lift 100kg as if it were a sheet of paper.

New Scientist reports that overall workers have been positive about the suits praising its ability to remove the strain of heavy lifting and -- no doubt -- its ability to fight a giant Alien.

With exoskeletons being developed for a number of different situations, including the military, it seems as though we are just a few years away from having the very first 'Iron Man' suit being built.


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