05/08/2014 07:43 BST | Updated 05/08/2014 07:59 BST

Google Removes 'Bomb Gaza' Game From Google Play

Just days after it was first discovered, the 'Bomb Gaza' Android game has been taken down by Google.

(It's still on Facebook.)

The controversial game requires players to steer a fighter jet with Israeli markings as it bombs cartoon depictions of Hamas militants.

Almost as soon as it became live the game was hit with a wave of complaints and was taken down, though not before being downloaded over 1000 times -- according to The Guardian.

Reuters reports that the game is actually still available on Facebook's App Store which has prompted people to track down game developer PlayFTW's Facebook page and compain.

Sadly this isn't the only app that has appeared to take advantage of the situation in Gaza with a host of Android games cropping up.

'Iron Dome Interceptor' is one such game that has become the recipient of a number of complaints claiming that the game's intentions are clearly motivated by the ongoing conflict.

The conflict in Gaza isn't the only example; shortly after the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 tragedy a number of games and apps started appearing which looked to capitalise on the focused interest on the subject.