Man Takes Paternity Test Behind (Outraged) Wife's Back - This Was The Internet's Response

Is is ever ok for a man to take a paternity test behind a woman's back?

This was the question posed by Reddit user throwaway_123226 after she discovered her husband had been investigating the paternity of their recently born child.

"I married my husband in spring last year, and we recently had a baby. Yesterday I took his bag to wash it and there was a booklet for a paternity test," she writes.

"When I confronted him, he said that it's not that he doesn't trust me, but that most couples trust each other and still there is this big percentage of cheating. So he wanted to make sure that the boy is his, even if he was quite sure it was, or something like that. He did the test behind my back and mailed it: the result was, of course, that yes, he is the father."

The disgruntled new mother said there was "absolutely no reason" for her husband to doubt her being faithful.

"I have always been faithful to him and actually he's never shown too much jealousy. We even moved to a new area right after marriage, so I don't have friends to go out on my own (not saying that doing that would be a reason to doubt).

"He says he didn't tell me because I would take it the wrong way and get mad at him. Which I probably would, I don't know."

She finished the post by asking: "Am I wrong at feeling betrayed and distrusted?"

Unsurprisingly, the good people of Reddit were more than happy to offer their opinions on the matter. But surprisingly, some of them wholeheartedly supported the idea of a paternity test.

"I'm a guy, I just want to know with 100% certainty that the child is mine. As a woman you know it's yours, but unless a paternity test is done we can only go off what you say," writes another.

However some (thankfully) saw sense.

"Your feelings are not wrong. He went behind your back, took a sample of your child's DNA, sent it somewhere, paid for it to be tested, and got the results back. That's at least five different actions," one user points out.

What are your thoughts?

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Is It OK For A Man To Take A Secret Paternity Test?