07/08/2014 06:16 BST | Updated 07/08/2014 06:59 BST

Fish Playing Pokemon: Watch This Incredible Feat, Right Here

Twitch Tv

A fish playing Pokemon? Well stranger things have happened. Ok so they haven't.

Cast your eyes down below and you'll find that one ingenious (incredibly bored) Twitch user has created a setup which actually allows his fish to play Pokemon Red.

With over 1000 views and over 900 people watching, 'Grayson Hopper' the fish is now under enormous pressure to catch his first wild Pokemon.

fish plays pokemon

Grayson has already won his first battle and as of writing has been spending the last few hours deciding whether to 'Withdraw Item' or 'Log Off'.

Progress is understandably slow for two key reasons: the first of which is that Grayson Hopper is a fish, the second is that as a fish, Grayson has absolutely no idea that he's currently playing Pokemon. Thankfully these tiny hurdles haven't got Grayson down and if you head over to you'll see there's a fast-growing fan base.