For women who earn a living on Twitch, being the target of coordinated, multiplatform sexual harassment campaigns comes with the job.
Ever wondered what it takes to turn gaming from a hobby to a career? We chat to a few pro gamers on how everything from reliable broadband to a love of the game can make all the difference…
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Long gone are the "plug-and-play" days when gaming was almost exclusively an offline activity. With the migration of gaming activities online, and the subsequent expansion of the gaming community, a whole host of behaviours now fall within the remit of gaming even when they don't actually involve picking up a controller and playing anything.
Anybody building a career anywhere in the arts or communications should have at least a topline look at Twitch with an uncynical eye because nobody - absolutely nobody - is communicating with their fanbase on the same level as these streamers.
After successfully managing to complete Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, Twitch is taking on Halo via a mass-participation
A gamer got the shock of his life while playing the popular online game Counter-Strike when a fully-armed SWAT team raided
Amazon just bought the gaming video network Twitch for just under $1 billion. You knew that. Google almost (but didn't) get
Just when you thought the internet couldn't get any stranger someone takes the idea of a fish playing Pokemon, doubles the
A fish playing Pokemon? Well stranger things have happened. Ok so they haven't. Cast your eyes down below and you'll find