09/08/2014 01:22 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

This 9-Year-Old CEO Is Better Dressed Than Most Adults

Meet 9-year old Mr Cory (yes, that's his name.) He's the founder and CEO of US-based Mr Cory's Cookies but he's also one very dapper young man.

Cory runs a homemade cookie business with his mum from their home in New Jersey, but the entrepreneur also gives Instagram's Mini Style Hacker a run for his money in the style stakes.

Have you ever seen any one under the age of 10 look this smart in J Crew suits and Oxford brogues? You've only got to browse through Cory's Instagram page to see that this spec-wearing, afro-haired boy is one smart cookie. Pun intended.

Cory spoke to Huffington Post Style about his love of fashion and described his style as, "fashionable, fancy, different, BOSS, nice, and high quality."

His favourite brands? Topshop, Zara and Ralph Lauren are just a few.

On the matter of business and style Cory said, "Presentation is the key to success. People first look at my style and ask "who dresses you? Your mom?" and my mom says "do you see what I have on? I need my son to dress me."

Service with a smile and he's better dressed than most adults.

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